Biography of Mira Bai

Born: 1498 CE
Pali, Rajasthan, India
Who is Mirabai: Poet Bhakti movement, Vaishnavism (Krishna)

Biography of Mira Bai

Biography by Mira Bai

Mira Bai was a great Indian Saint and poet of the 16th century, a prominent representative of the Krishnaites` poetry in Hindi literature.

Mira Bai was born in the 1498 and belonged to one of the most famous by ancestry Rajput families.

When she was 4 years old, she showed religious leanings and learned to worship Krishna.

In the 1516, at the age of eighteen, Mira was married to Prince Bhodzhradzh of Chittora, a son of the king Sangram Singh of the family Guhilitov. That marriage lasted 6 years and proved to be childless. In the 1522, the husband of Mira unexpectedly passed away. As a true Rajput, Mira was supposed to commit sati, which meant to be burnt down voluntarily on a funeral pyre together with her husband. Mira refused and drawn the wrath of her husband’s relatives who tried to kill her in other ways.

In 1531, during the confusion with the succession to the throne, she managed to escape. She was attracted by Vrindavan-land, where Krishna himself set his foot and everything was filled with memories of His incarnation.

She lived in Vrindavan up to the 1536, until she again had to flee from certain death, that time to Dwaraka.

Mira Bai died in the 1546. In addition to poems and legends, two temples, one in Vrindavan and the other in Chittore remind about the life of Mira Bai.

Books by Mira Bai

Mira Bai

Mira Bai wrote in Braji, Rajasthan and Gujurati languages. The main theme of the creative work by Mira was the description of her devoted love for Krishna. The everyday routine had no power over her love-filled heart.

Mira Bai was the author of lyric-religious hymns to Krishna, in which the poetess herself was reincarnated into one of shepherdesses, beloved of Krishna. The poems and songs of Mira are still fancied in India and are performed both as sacred anthems in temples and just as gentle and poetic love lyrics.

Popular poems by Mira Bai

1. I am true to my Lord
2. Mira is Steadfast
3. The Beloved Comes Home
4. The Five-Coloured Garment
5. The Music
6. Strange Are The Decrees Of Fate
7. Mira Knows Why
8. We Do Not
9. Out In A Downpour
10. It’s True I Went To The Market

Meera (or Mira Bai) death: 1546 CE, Dwarka, Gujarat