The Five-Coloured Garment (Poem by Mira Bai)

I am infused in the Lord’s hue, O friend.
Pray, get my garment dyed in five colours
so I may go and play in the arbour.
within the alcove I will meet my Master;
Shedding all falsity, I’ll sing in joy.

The sun will perish, so too the moon;
Earth and sky will exist no more.
Air and water will also go;
The Eternal alone will there be.

Of surat and nirat make the lamp,
And let thy longing be the wick.
In this lamp pour the oil from love’s mart;
Day and night it will keep burning bright.

They write letters whose spouses are afar.
My Beloved resides in my heart;
I need go nowhere to search for Him.

I live not with my parents,
Nor with my in-laws.
Ever do I live in the Word
My Master blessed me with.

Not mine nor thine is this house, O friend;
Mira lives absorbed in the Lord’s hue.