Biography of James Henry Leigh Hunt

One of the best known British Romantic poets, Leigh Hunt had a long and fruitful life. His poetic heritage includes works in many genres, from poems and poetic dramas to translations. He was a remarkable critic and editor, and his poetry was praised for its exceptional mood and atmosphere. Among his favorite topics were friendship, love to his native country, and the beauty of nature. He is best known for his short lyrics and the poem The Story of Rimini.

Born: October 19, 1784
Southgate, London, United Kingdom
Critic, essayist, poet, writer


Popular poems by James Henry Leigh Hunt

  1. Abou Ben Adhem
  2. Death
  3. Jenny Kissed Me
  4. The Glove and The Lions
  5. Jenny kiss’d Me
  6. The Negro Boy
  7. Rondeau
  8. To the Grasshopper and the Cricket
  9. An Angel in the House
  10. The Nile

James Henry Leigh Hunt death: August 28, 1859, Putney, United Kingdom