Biography of John Masefield

The most impressive poems John Masefield wrote, Salt-Water Ballads, are devoted to the sea. This is hardly a surprise, as Masefield spent several years of his life aboard ship. In his long narrative poems (The Everlasting Mercy, for instance) he dared to use colloquial expressions, which could hardly be found in English poetry before. Also, he is known for his contribution to First World War poetry.

Born: 1 June 1878
Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Who is John Masefield: Poet, writer


Popular poems by John Masefield

  1. Sea Fever
  2. Cargoes
  3. The West Wind
  4. Sea Change
  5. Beauty
  6. A Ballad of John Silver
  7. On Growing Old
  8. A Wanderer’s Song
  9. Roadways
  10. The Everlasting Mercy

John Masefield death: 12 May 1967, Abingdon, Berkshire, England