Biography of Gerard Manley Hopkins

English poet and Catholic priest Gerard Manley Hopkins studied at the Highgate school and at the Oxford University. In the 1866, he converted to Catholicism. In the 1868, he joined the Jesuit order. He eliminated everything written before and abandoned verses` writing, to which he returned only in the 1875. In the 1884, he became a teacher of Greek literature at the University College of Dublin. Gerard Manley Hopkins died of typhoid fever.

Born: 28 July 1844
Stratford, Essex, England
Poet, Jesuit priest, Professor of Classics


Popular poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins

  1. The Child Is Father To The Man
  2. Pied Beauty
  3. God’s Grandeur
  4. Spring & Fall: To A Young Child
  5. Repeat That, Repeat
  6. Spring
  7. Peace
  8. Heaven–Haven: A Nun Takes The Veil
  9. Binsey Poplars
  10. I Wake And Feel The Fell Of Dark, Not Day

Gerard Manley Hopkins death: 8 June 1889, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland