Biography of Robert von Ranke Graves

Robert Graves is considered a very controversial poet, from the artistic point of view, and a social rebel. One of characteristic features of his poetry was the image of Muse (White Goddess, Mother, Mistress), a combination of cruelty and kindness in a woman. He was independent and stood out in the row of poets of the same era, yet his creative genius was greatly influenced by Laura Riding, an American poet, for whom he left his wife and four children.

Born: 24 July 1895
Wimbledon, Surrey, England
Novelist, poet, soldier


Popular poems by Robert von Ranke Graves

  1. The Naked And The Nude
  2. Symptoms of Love
  3. On Giving
  4. In Broken Images
  5. Wild Strawberries
  6. Like Snow
  7. Down, Wanton, Down!
  8. I’d Love To Be A Fairy’s Child
  9. Counting The Beats
  10. Call It a Good Marriage

Robert von Ranke Graves death: December 7, 1985, Deya, Spain