Biography of José Martí

Born: January 28, 1853
Dos Rios, Cuba
Journalist, Poet

 José Martí

Popular poems by Jose Marti

I Have A Page Of Loyal-Renown (Verse Xi)
If I A Pleasant Keepsake (Verse Vi)
I’M So Frightfully Unhappy
I Have A Page Of Loyal-Renown (Verse Xi)
I Have Come To The Strange Ball (Verse Xxii)
If You’Ve Seen A Mount Of Sea Foam (Verse V)
I Who Live Though I Have Died (Verse Xxvi)
Isla Famosa
I’Ll Never Forget, I Vow (Verse Xiv)
Que Importa Que Tu Punal…? (Verso Xxxv)


Jose Marti death: May 19, 1895; Havana, Cuba

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