Biography of Su Shi

Born: January 8, 1037
Meishan (now in the Sichuan province), China
Painter, Author, Poet, Medical Professional

 Su Shi

Popular poems by Su Shi

Visiting The Temple Of The God Of Mercy On A Rainy Day
Impromptu Verse (My Frosty Hair Blows Loosely In The Wind)
Written While Drunk In Lake-View Pavilion On The 27th Day Of The Sixth Month
Visiting The Temple Of Auspicious Fortune Alone On Winter Solstice
New Year’s Watch
The Immortal By The River
Dreaming Of My Deceased Wife On The Night Of The 20th Day Of The First Month
Mid-Autumn Moon
Impromptu Verse

biography Su Shi

Su Shi death: August 24, 1101; Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China