Biography of Petrarch

Born: July 20, 1304
Arezzo, Tuscany (now part of Italy), Italy
Philosopher, Poet


Popular poems by Petrarch

Sonnet 101 [Ways apt and new to sing of love I’d find]
You who hear the sound, in scattered rhymes,
To make a graceful act of revenge,
It was on that day when the sun’s ray
What infinite providence and art
When I utter sighs, in calling out to you
My passion’s folly is so led astray
Greed and sleep and slothful beds
At the foot of the hill where beauty’s garment
When the heavenly body that tells the hours

biography Petrarch

Petrarch death: c. July 19, 1374; Arquà (near Padua), Carrara (now part of Italy), Italy