A Lament (Poem by Victor Marie Hugo)

‘O paths whereon wild grasses wave,
O valleys, hillsides, forests hoar!
Why are ye silent as the grave?’
‘For one who came, and comes no more!’

‘Why is thy window closed of late?
And why thy garden in its sere?
O house! where doth thy master wait?’
‘I only know he is not here.’

‘Good dog, thou watchest; yet no hand
Will feed thee. In the house is none.
Whom weepest thou, child?’ ‘My father.’ ‘And,
O wife! whom weepest thou?’ ‘The Gone.’

‘Where is he gone?’ ‘Into the dark.’
‘O sad and ever-plaining surge!
Whence art thou?’ ‘From the convict-bark.’
‘And why thy mournful voice?’ ‘A dirge.’